Aaron Morrison



Edge computing is designed for always-on, real-time solutions. Data processing near its points reduces latency, and organizations receive meaningful insights in real time. They can instantaneously reply to clients and offer important information to surgeons while they work. Also, they run warehouses with optimal efficiency and safety. They can drive autonomous car innovation, among other…

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Nvidia GPUs for Accelerated Amazon Webservices

The availability of NVIDIA GPU with an accelerated processor based on ARM mobile to Amazon web services helped create an environment for the development of games for android, which was the most optimal. It also helps bring a richer gaming experience to a variety of android devices irrespective of their location. This collaboration comes with…

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Nvidia Data Center GPU solutions

Through years of research, NVIDIA has empowered IT leaders to manage and scale their data centers by adopting NVIDIA data center solutions found on GPU. Data centers tackle complex challenges, from data analytics and high-performance computing (HPC) to artificial intelligence and rendering services. The NVIDIA computing platform accelerates from end to end, encompassing both software…

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Intel BigDL

Machine learning is nothing new and has been in practice for many years. Many aspects of businesses use this solution for fraud detection, autopiloting, and recognition of natural languages. Though deep learning is nothing but a branch of machine learning, it is still a dominant part. This is based on data representation, not just learning…

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