Many businesses now have a cloud-first policy, prioritizing cloud-based technology solutions over alternative options. They prefer the cloud because of its simplicity and agility, particularly the ability to offer services rapidly, increase resources as needed, and pay over time. As a result, most businesses today expect these capabilities to be available worldwide.

Cloud-first does not necessarily imply “public cloud exclusively.” It usually refers to a mix of public, personal, and hybrid clouds. IT executives have told us that they don’t want to be tied to a single cloud provider. They desire the freedom to pick the best way to achieve their goals. This is why many businesses use across a strategy to gain access to the great capabilities they require to complete their projects. That’s why “outcomes-first” is so important for the technology industry.

Dell Technologies APEX is a ground-breaking array of as-a-Service offerings designed to simplify digitalization while enhancing IT agility and management. APEX makes things simpler than ever to take advantage of Dell Technology innovation when and when you need it while also making infrastructure management easier or removing it entirely. APEX enables you to respond fast to new opportunities and guarantees that your technology remains in sync with your business needs. And with APEX, you’re always in command, reducing risk and increasing performance on your terms.

Now you can get the Dell Technology innovations you trust completely paired with the cloud services benefits – however, you want to use it and anywhere you want to install it. You choose what’s best for you: on and in your data centre, out to your edge locations, at colocation facilities near your cloud service providers, or in a public cloud natively. You get a more uniform cloud computing platform across your company – across your multi-cloud, inter, and multi-data centre IT landscape – everywhere APEX goes, providing you with various choices to meet strategic goals.


Introducing APEX Cloud Services with VMware Cloud | Dell USA

APEX allows you to use Dell Technology’s innovation as-a-Service, simplifying the IT experience and focusing on more important tasks. APEX helps you improve IT processes, simplify digital transformation, and achieve better business outcomes by removing unnecessary complexity – and the inefficiencies and costs that come with it.

To generate value and better outcomes, focus on innovation rather than infrastructure. APEX seeks to assist you in making good use of resources, money, and resources so that you may focus them on strategic goals. Choose the best-of-breed technologies that can help you transform your company and acquire a competitive advantage. APEX draws on Dell Technologies’ unique and expansive portfolio, which is used every day by businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Avoid vendor lock-in by easily migrating workloads and connecting data. APEX allows you to freely migrate operations between cloud environments while also allowing you to construct a common data store that links to all of the main public cloud providers simultaneously.


fast to seize new possibilities, APEX provides the speed and athleticism you need to accelerate change and adapt to changing business conditions. APEX gives you more options for getting more out of the Dell Technologies that you rely on anyway, allowing you to save time, cash, and resources while generating long-term value for your company.


Choose to consume as-a-Service in or near a cloud platform or on-premises. APEX enables you to spread the advantages of the cloud experience across your whole IT company, wherever you wish to employ Dell Technologies innovation.


Quickly provision services and scale resources as needed. APEX enables you to shorten project timeframes and respond to evolving business requirements, getting more done in less time.


Obtain economic flexibility with monthly payments and fair pricing. APEX enables you to stretch payments over your term and know exactly what you’re paying for, allowing you to save money and better manage expenses.

APEX allows you more control over your data, from where it is stored to who has access to it and how it is safeguarded. APEX allows you to place data where it’s needed to get more value out of it when it’s needed, giving you additional options for increasing data availability, improving overall governance, and protecting it from a growing variety of threats.

Protect yourself from hackers and unpredictable outages. APEX gives you complete control over your security incident response, allowing you to safeguard copyrights and keep data secret in the most efficient way possible. Ensure data is stored in well-known locations to meet compliance requirements.

APEX can assist you in avoiding issues that may breach online privacy, sovereignty, and localization rules and regulation, as well as the associated fines. To achieve the speed, you require, put information in the right spot at the right time. APEX services and solutions, built on Dell Technologies infrastructure, are devoted to you and can be located near public cloud providers.

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