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Finding acceptable cloud storage choices is a major consideration for enterprises looking to overcome obstacles to hybrid cloud adoption. Hybrid cloud architectures are designed to allow IT teams to migrate workloads to cloud services that can increase performance and lower costs. To achieve this level of flexibility, hybrid cloud storage systems must be simple to operate, offer flexible consumption options, and interface with both cloud services infrastructure.

Dell Technologies, as a largest supplier of hybrid cloud – based solutions, offers robust online storage options that make hybrid cloud implementation easier and faster.

Maintaining data storage infrastructure has traditionally been difficult. Over- and the under concerns, capital budget limits, and complicated procurement and migration processes must all be addressed by IT departments.

What does APEX Data Storage Solutions provide?

Based on our industry-leading technologies, APEX Data Storage Solutions is an as-a-Service portfolio of accessible and elastic storage resources. Our as-a-Service model streamlines the storage process by giving you entire control over your resources while relieving you of day-to-day upkeep and administrative responsibilities.

APEX Data Storage Services allows you to connect to the customers, partners, and ecosystems that are most valuable to you. Deploy your storage resources on-premises in your data centre or in a Dell-managed colocation facility2, allowing you to take use of the features of several public cloud providers without being locked into a single provider. Data Storage Service makes it simple to connect your requirements with your organization’s demands, allowing your staff to focus on other tasks.

Ultimate flexibility and choice in how and where you deploy your as-a-Service resources.

You may install Data Storage Services in a safeguarded Dell-managed colocation facility2 thanks to a partnership with data centre operator Equinix. Dell Technology APEX and Equinix work together to provide worldwide level, multi-cloud abilities, significant, IT experience, and minimizing risk in asset lifecycle management.

With such a single payment from a single vendor, you’ll be able to reduce the load of data centre administration, enable a cloud storage approach, and easily and rapidly grow into new areas.

It’s time to reconsider your IT strategy.

Discover just what analyst industry has to say regarding Storage as a Service, including the difficulties it addresses and why adoption is increasing so rapidly.

APEX Data Storage Services’ revolutionary power

WD My Cloud PR2100 Pro Series NAS Server - 2-bay | Sweetwater

Forrester interviewed APEX Data Storage Solutions clients and surveyed approximately 120 IT decision-makers responsible for storage. They aimed to uncover the benefits of this unique product, which can enhance an organization’s business outcomes by up to:

  • Savings of 50% on IT time
  • Deployment is 86 percent faster.
  • Return on investment of 129 percent
  • Storage costs were cut by 45 percent.

The advantages of using storage as a service:

IT organizations need to reprioritize and focus on critical initiatives to align with business needs. ESG researcher Scott Sinclair assesses Dell’s performance with Data Storage Services, especially considering the recent surge in as-a-Service usage.

Storage-as-a-Service allows businesses to be more resilient and agile.

It’s no surprise that the opportunity to improve corporate operations is driving adoption of as-a-Service models.

Despite public cloud’s benefits, firms rush into “cloud first” approaches, often due to enthusiasm. This haste leads to rapid cloud adoption, sometimes without assessing workload suitability.

Operational simplification: We operate in a hybrid cloud environment where cloud services and on-premises infrastructure are vital. While cloud suits some workloads, situations may require on-premises or private cloud use.

Eliminate time-consuming and difficult forecasting, procurement, and migration cycles. Avoid long procurement and complex migrations when refreshing your storage system. APEX Data Storage Services boost operational efficiency, reducing planned and provisioning expenses by up to 86 percent. You can achieve this through non-disruptive hardware upgrades and straightforward contract terms.

Avoid both over- and under-provisioning. To prevent risk, companies traditionally over-provision storage capacity. Rapid growth or uncertain capacity requirements, on the other hand, might lead to under-provisioning. You just use bandwidth often on a basis with Data Storage Services. You can eliminate over-provisioning expenses and cut storage costs by up to 45 percent.

Allow IT workers to focus on higher-value activities. Dell Technologies owns and maintains all infrastructure, with levels of service for capacity, performance, and availability. You are no longer responsible for administrative and maintenance chores that traditionally accompany infrastructure ownership. This can save IT time by up to 50%, allowing IT to become a provider for their company.


1. What is a Dell Cloud Storage Solution?

A Dell Cloud Storage Solution is an integrated storage platform designed to facilitate data storage, management, and access in cloud environments. It provides scalable storage resources that can be accessed over the internet, enabling organizations to store, retrieve, and manage data efficiently and securely.

2. What are the key components of Dell Cloud Storage Solutions?

Dell Cloud Storage Solutions typically consist of hardware components such as Dell EMC storage arrays or PowerVault storage systems, software-defined storage solutions like Dell EMC Isilon or Dell EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage), networking infrastructure, and management software for provisioning, monitoring, and data protection.

3. What types of cloud storage architectures are supported by Dell Cloud Storage Solutions?

Dell Cloud Storage Solutions support various cloud storage architectures, including object storage, file storage, and block storage. These architectures cater to different data storage and access requirements, such as unstructured data storage, file sharing, and database applications.

4. How scalable are Dell Cloud Storage Solutions?

Dell Cloud Storage Solutions are highly scalable, allowing organizations to scale storage resources up or down based on changing demand. They support features such as dynamic provisioning, automated tiering, and seamless integration with public cloud services for elastic storage capacity.

5. What data management and protection features are available in Dell Cloud Storage Solutions?

Dell Cloud Storage Solutions include features such as data deduplication, compression, encryption, replication, and snapshotting to ensure data integrity, availability, and security. Additionally, they offer integration with backup and disaster recovery solutions for comprehensive data protection.

6. Can Dell Cloud Storage Solutions be integrated with public cloud services?

Yes, Dell Cloud Storage Solutions offer integration with public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This enables organizations to extend their on-premises storage infrastructure to the cloud and leverage hybrid cloud storage architectures.

7. What support and services are available for Dell Cloud Storage Solution customers?

Dell provides comprehensive support and services for Cloud Storage Solution customers, including deployment assistance, technical support, consulting services, and training programs. Additionally, Dell offers online resources such as documentation, knowledge base articles, and community forums for additional assistance and guidance.

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