Dell Poweredge Rack Server


Designed for enterprises on a budget

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  • Enterprise-class functionality at an affordable price
  • Increase core counts by up to 100%* to improve performance. Customers can pick from Intel® Xeon® E-2200 processors with four, six, or eight cores.
  • Access sets of data with up to 4 DDR4 DIMMs and a total RAM capacity of 64GB.

Multi-vector Cooling reduces operational expenses by automatically calculating and delivering the proper airflow required for effective Cooling.

  • Adaptable to your changing IT requirements.
  • Scale with dependable and secure security features.
  • Can choose between a 4-, 6-, and 8-core Xeon E-2200 processor to boost computing performance and the capacity to execute many programmes at the same time.
  • Up to 4 3.5″ hot sockets or cabled HDDs can be used to manage data growth.

Dell Technologies provides end-to-end solutions.

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Enterprise Suite by ProSupport

With the globally recognized support experience and insights from Dell Technology, you can concentrate on transforming your business. With automatic predictive modelling, collaborative third-party assistance, and service account management, you may choose the proper support based on the criticality of individual systems.

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Training & Certification Education Services provides a comprehensive training programme with various delivery options, including instructor-led, self-paced online, and virtual instructor-led training. We make it simple to guarantee your team has the skills customers need to properly manage and utilize your latest tech to its maximum potential with comprehensive and adaptable training programmes.

Consulting Services provide experienced advice to help you expand, optimize, and change your IT infrastructure at your speed and within your budget. We have many professional consultants and engineers on staff and top programme management who can provide extensive technical knowledge. We assure you that the job will be completed correctly and on time.

Leasing and financing

Getting the most up-to-date IT solutions shouldn’t be as difficult as running your firm. You can finance and buy in one place with Dell Financial Services, and it’s simple, quick, and, most importantly, keeps the “flow” in your cash flow.

Better Cooling Options for PowerEdge Servers

Dell EMC to equip PowerEdge servers with CoolIT liquid cooled systems - DCD

We are living in interesting times. Technology is enabling game-changing breakthroughs that transform the way people live and work. Weathermen can produce more accurate forecasts and help save lives with new technologies and applications. Scientists are speeding up the drug research process by employing genome sequencing to quickly identify effective therapeutic targets and screening potential side effects more accurately. Robotics and automation are also helping factories streamline their processes and make them safer. Computers, loaded with the most advanced hardware and accelerators, are powering all of these technological developments, allowing us to create, organize, arrange, and analyze massive volumes of data quicker and more effectively than we ever imagined.

Dell Technologies is introducing more powerful CPUs, DPUs, and accelerators into its PowerEdge server portfolio to accommodate this digital transformation. Because these bigger, more efficient components consume more energy and generate more system temperature, PowerEdge servers feature Smart Cooling technology. This employs cutting-edge thermal and mechanical simulators to assure optimal Cooling and system performance.

Cooling System (Multi-Vector Conditioning), Liquid Heating (Direct Fluid Cooling), Immerse Cooling, or a mix of technologies are available for PowerEdge servers. Power Manager, an intelligent control system, also regulates each of them.

Air Conditioning

To enhance air cooling capability, Dell developed Multi-Vector Cooling (MVC). It comprises control algorithms, temperature and voltage sensors, component mapping fan zoning, and airflow channelling shrouds to regulate and intelligently distribute airflow across the system’s components. Thanks to the new high-rise fans and specific airflow-optimized designs, particularly elevated CPUs are managed without throttling.

Liquid Direct Cooling

Dell’s Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) product, previously utilized to cool high-performance computing clusters, is now a production plant mainstream solution for computers with extraordinary power density. DLC takes advantage of liquid’s great thermal capacity to absorb and dissipate heat generated by new elevated processors. Dell’s DLC solutions predominantly come with Leak Sense technology. It sends notifications to customers via iDRAC and can be set up to perform actions. It includes turning off a server.

Cooling by Immersion

Immersion Cooling is a viable option for energy systems operating in locations with little or no conditioned air. The equipment immersion in a liquid tank captures 100% of its heat. Dell’s OEM team can help with single-phase and two immersion projects.

The rack server is one of the efficient energy systems that you can access from different locations with no air condition.


1. What is a Dell PowerEdge Rack Server?

A Dell PowerEdge Rack Server is a type of server designed to be mounted within standard server racks. These servers are known for their compact form factor, high density, and scalability, making them ideal for data centers and enterprise environments.

2. What are the key features of Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers?

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers typically feature high-performance Intel Xeon processors, support for ECC memory, hot-swappable hard drives and power supplies, redundant cooling systems, and comprehensive management capabilities for remote administration.

3. What types of workloads are suitable for Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers?

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers are suitable for a wide range of workloads, including virtualization, cloud computing, database applications, web hosting, content delivery networks (CDNs), high-performance computing (HPC), and software-defined infrastructure.

4. How scalable are Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers?

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers are highly scalable, allowing organizations to expand their computing resources as needed. They support features such as modular design for easy expansion, support for additional memory, storage, and connectivity options, and compatibility with advanced clustering and virtualization technologies.

5. What management and monitoring features are available for Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers?

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers come equipped with management features such as iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) for remote server management, Dell OpenManage software for comprehensive system monitoring and administration, and support for industry-standard management protocols like SNMP and IPMI.

6. How does Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers address reliability and data protection needs?

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers incorporate features such as redundant power supplies, hot-swappable components, hardware RAID controllers for data redundancy and fault tolerance, and built-in security features to ensure reliability and protect sensitive data.

7. What support and services are available for Dell PowerEdge Rack Server customers?

Dell offers a range of support and services for PowerEdge Rack Server customers, including warranty coverage, technical support, proactive monitoring and maintenance services, deployment assistance, and access to online resources such as documentation, drivers, and firmware updates. Additionally, Dell’s global network of partners can provide additional expertise and assistance as needed.

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