A robust cloud back and recovery solution from Amazon Web services and Dell allows you to establish and grow the cloud service data security no matter where the data resides. Customers worldwide rely on Dell EMC’s cloud-optimized data protection solution, and Amazon Web Services provides a secure cloud architecture. Start right now to see yourself first.

Enterprise Cloud Protection will keep all of your data safe.

How To Keep Your Data Secure In The Cloud

For increased agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency, many enterprises are moving or planning to move apps to AWS. However, because an app has been relocated to the cloud does not negate the importance of data security. Dell EMC is a trustworthy friend in data security, offering greater scale, speed, & cost efficiencies through your migration to or across AWS.

Data Security Software

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  • Using the cloud to move workloads
  • Workload security in the cloud
  • Cloud-based backup and recovery
  • Cloud backup and recovery

Virtual Edition of Data Domain

Data Domain Virtual Edition |

  • Keeping databases safe on the web
  • Keeping new tasks safe
  • Public cloud replication
  • Cloud and on-premise ROBO backups

Data Security in the Cloud Resources

Data Security: An Integral Aspect of Cloud Computing | Cuelogic

  • Outstanding Results

The cloud-enabled Dell EMC Data Security Suite provides complete data protection and outstanding backup and recovery performance across your AWS environment. Whether on-premises or on AWS, it offers the same world-class data protection. Dell EMC achieves this by delivering direct backup from Amazon Amazon Elastic compute Compute (EC2) servers onto Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3), bypassing the media server bottleneck. Dell EMC Data Protection Suite enhances performance and throughput while decreasing object storage consumption by up to 71 percent when doing backups, thanks to the excellent clientside reduction of 6:1 (as opposed to competitors’ 1.75:1) and compression.


  • Highly efficient and scalable

As many businesses have learned, scaling may be costly as you attempt to satisfy the demands of your ever-growing data. Fortunately, the Dell EMC Data Security Suite includes a single security appliance that can handle up to six petabytes on Amazon S3. More information? To boost full scale and flexibility, additional instances can be readily launched. Dell EMC can secure up to 2,000 customers and 1,000 continuous transactions with a single security server for added efficiency.

  • Reduced Total Costs

Although AWS provides an excellent cloud environment, clients are all still liable for their data security. Compared to leading rivals, Dell EMC Data Security Suite users can save up to 68 percent on their annual in-cloud data protection costs. Using AWS, customers can save up to 88 percent on Amazon EC2 and Elastic Block Store (EBS) charges.

Customers don’t have to worry about data storage expenses using low-cost, durable object storage instead of EBS block storage options. Users will also save money on network capacity, cloud storage capacity, and security with Dell Data Protection Suite.

Data Security Done Right with AWS & Dell EMC

  • It’s time to get real about data security, and AWS with Dell EMC Data Protection can help.
  • With Protection Suite, you get better performance and scalability for less money.
  • AWS & Dell EMC collaborate to bring you the most complete data.
  • When shifting your critical workloads to the cloud, you need protection.
  • The Dell Data Protection Suite adjusts to the environment quickly and automatically.
  • changing company objectives and expectations while maintaining excellent performance and low costs

AWS Support offers a combination of resources, devices, people, and initiatives to help you optimize performance, cut costs, and innovate quicker. We assist your team saves time in the cloud by allowing them to focus on their core business. We are committed to helping our clients succeed in their cloud journeys, and we respond to requests ranging from best practices queries to setup guidance to break-fix or problem resolution.

On behalf of our clients, we’re working to overcome some of the most difficult roadblocks to your cloud journey. Sometimes this means assisting you with a problem. Still, much more frequently, it means “searching around corners” for ways to improve your use of AWS services, answering best practices queries, and providing configuration recommendations. We concentrate on assisting you in achieving the results you require for your business to be successful. AWS is distinguished by our approach to support.

AWS Support’s Scope

The overview of AWS Support plans

  • AWS Tech Support tiers address AWS product and service development and production concerns and other essential stack components:
  • Amazon services and features “how-to” questions
  • Fixing API and AWS SDK difficulties best practices to help you fully implement, deploy, and manage cloud apps
  • Troubleshooting AWS resources for operational or systemic issues
  • Aws Console or even other AWS tools issues
  • EC2 health checks detect problems
  • System, server farms, mail, VPN, database, and storage setup are all examples of third-party programs.


1. What are Dell servers for AWS?

Dell servers for AWS refer to Dell EMC PowerEdge servers that are specifically designed and optimized to work seamlessly within Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environments. These servers are equipped with features and capabilities that enhance performance, reliability, and scalability for various workloads hosted on AWS.

2. How do Dell servers for AWS enhance cloud computing performance?

Dell servers for AWS are optimized to deliver high performance in AWS cloud environments by leveraging features such as high-speed processors, ample memory capacity, and scalable storage options. These servers are engineered to handle demanding workloads efficiently, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance for cloud-based applications and services.

3. What benefits do Dell servers for AWS offer over standard cloud instances?

Dell servers for AWS offer several advantages over standard cloud instances, including:

  • Enhanced performance: Dell servers are designed to deliver higher computational power and faster data processing compared to standard cloud instances, enabling organizations to achieve better performance for their applications.
  • Customization options: Dell servers offer greater flexibility and customization options, allowing organizations to tailor their cloud infrastructure to meet specific requirements and workload demands.
  • Predictable costs: With Dell servers for AWS, organizations can benefit from predictable pricing models and potentially lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to using standard cloud instances over the long term.

4. What types of workloads are suitable for Dell servers in AWS environments?

Dell servers for AWS are suitable for a wide range of workloads, including:

  • Compute-intensive applications such as data analytics, machine learning, and scientific simulations
  • Storage-intensive workloads requiring high-capacity storage and fast data access
  • Database applications, including relational databases, NoSQL databases, and data warehousing solutions
  • Web hosting, content delivery, and e-commerce platforms
  • Virtualization and cloud computing environments

5. How are Dell servers for AWS integrated with AWS services and resources?

Dell servers for AWS are integrated with AWS services and resources through seamless connectivity and compatibility with AWS APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and management tools. This integration allows organizations to deploy, manage, and monitor Dell servers alongside other AWS resources using familiar AWS interfaces and workflows.

6. What support and services are available for Dell servers in AWS environments?

Dell offers a range of support and services for Dell servers deployed in AWS environments, including:

  • Deployment services: Assistance with server installation, configuration, and integration with AWS infrastructure
  • Proactive support: Monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting services to ensure optimal performance and reliability
  • Technical support: Access to Dell’s global support network for assistance with hardware and software issues
  • Consulting services: Expert guidance and best practices for optimizing Dell server performance, security, and cost-efficiency in AWS environments

7. How can organizations procure and manage Dell servers for AWS deployments?

Organizations can procure Dell servers for AWS deployments through Dell’s sales channels or authorized resellers. Once deployed, Dell servers can be managed using AWS management tools such as AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), or AWS Systems Manager. Additionally, Dell provides management software and tools for monitoring, provisioning, and managing Dell servers in AWS environments.

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