Building your apps using Jetpack and AndoridX libraries

Jetpack is a suite of libraries which helps the developers adhere to industry best practices. It can help minimise the need for boilerplate code. You can write code which is consistent across Android versions and devices. (Source: WindowManager You can use the WindowManager library for supporting various device form factors. Unbundling the WindowManager You…

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Introduction to Android Studio as a compelling mobile development platform

Android has quickly become a popular operating system for playstore app. Android Studio allows developers to build fast tools to design various applications of their choice on all Android devices. It is an IDE for Google Android Development and contains various Android tools for developing the application. The Android Studio has several intelligent features to…

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Android Studio : Comparison of various versions and features

Android Studio is a critical IDE that helps developers design PlayStore app crucial for several business workflows. The Ide sees frequent upgrades with new features and various other enhancements. We will discuss some of the past Android Studio versions for PlayStore and some of the major components of these releases. Android Studio Bumblebee | 2021.1.1…

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