Roland Martyres


NETAPP Storage Architecture Overview

What does a data network mean? Image Source: Link In the past, organizations had also attempted to solve data access issues through either point-to-point integration or the implementation of data hubs. When data has been highly dispersed and siloed, neither option is appropriate. Point-to-point integrations incur exponentially increasing costs for each additional endpoint that must … Read more

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Introduction To NetApp Storage

NetApp, formerly known as Network Device Inc., is a computer technology company specializing in data storage equipment and management software. Enterprises and service providers use NetApp storage equipment to store and share vast quantities of digital information across the physiological and hybrid public clouds. NetApp’s storage hardware includes flash-only and hybrid storage processes for block, … Read more

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Real Time Streaming Data Ingestion For Distributed Computing

So far, it’s all been about the storage of data, data in flight, data from IoT devices, etc. Let’s look at some traditional data processing methods and see how they work with modern database systems. Users’ model-based enquiries are manifested in a provided by individuals that are produced when the request payloads are initiated. Combining … Read more

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Apache Spark Distributed Computing

Apache Spark is a computational framework that can quickly handle big data sets and distribute processing duties across numerous systems, either in conjunction with other parallel processing tools. These two characteristics are critical in big data & machine learning, which necessitate vast computational capacity to process large data sets. Spark relieves developers of some of the … Read more

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Apache Hadoop And Yarn

The open-source source Hadoop dispersed processing system’s resource planning and task scheduling mechanism is Apache Hadoop YARN. YARN is among Apache Hadoop’s main components, and it’s in charge of assigning computer resources to the many applications operating in a Hadoop cluster and scheduling tasks to run on different clusters. YARN is for Yet Another Resources … Read more

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Introduction To Distributed Computing

What’s Distributed Computing and How Does It Work? Image Source: Link The practice of connecting numerous computer servers via a network into a cluster to share data and coordinate processing capacity is known as cloud applications (or distributed processing). A “distributed system” is the name given to such a cluster. Scalability (through a “scale-out design”), … Read more

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