NETAPP On Microsoft Azure

Netapp on Microsoft Azure

Azure DevOps is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform by Microsoft that offers a complete DevOps toolchain for building and deploying software.

You may use the QuerySurge Azure DevOps connector to automate data integrity & validation in any DevOps CI/CD pipelines. Using QuerySurge throughout the development process guarantees that data changes, such as database migrations and schema changes, run smoothly during development and subsequent releases.

NetApp data-centric solutions help you get the most out of Azure while improving performance:

  • Deliver on Azure’s promise with cloud transformation solutions that tear down obstacles.
  • Eliminate the complication, cost, and effort associated with cloud migration with confidence.
  • Obtain the freedom, agility, or control you require to advance your business.

NetApp-powered enterprise file storage of The Microsoft Azure native, elevated file storage solution for your essential business applications Azure NetApp Documents is a managed service that will get your organization to the clouds quicker and much more safely than ever before. It’s built for ease, performance, and compliance.

Microsoft Azure addresses one of our client’s most pressing concerns: obtaining the best possible environment for QuerySurge.

Other advantages for businesses include:

  • Computer and system costs that are flexible and controllable
  • Flexible scalability and increased deployment speed
  • Disaster recovery skills in their entirety
  • It extends your outreach across 60+ Azure locations while providing the speed and scale you want.
  • From the ground up, enterprise-level security

Reduce the amount of time, danger, and resources required.

SAP and other enterprise applications are vital to your success. Ensure the security and reliability of your business functions in the cloud service. Unlock Azure’s full potential without the added risk, expense, or effort. Trust Azure’s only native file service.


Azure NetApp Files was designed for ease of use, speed, and compliance. You improve your infrastructure’s understanding, meet high reliability and performance requirements, and safeguard and optimize your services.


Using NetApp’s industry-leading technology, migrate and execute your most demanding Linux-based file workloads in Azure. For your complex business workloads, such as SAP HANA, high-performance computation, LOB apps, high-performance file sharing, and virtual desktop infrastructure, get bare-metal speed, sub-millisecond latencies, and integrated data management.


Set up in minutes and maintain with ease, thanks to the familiar Azure portal, CLI, PowerShell, and REST API. Multiple file-storage protocols, including NFSv3 and v4.1 and SMB 3.1.x, are supported in a single service by Azure NetApp Files, allowing for various application lift-and-shift situations with no need for code changes.


With NetApp’s sector security and compliance portfolio, you can rest easy. FIPS-140-2-compliant encryption process at rest, RBAC, AD identity, plus export rules for network-based ACLs are all critical capabilities. Including the default 99.99 percent availability, Azure NetApp Files conform to important industry certifications such as HIPAA and GDPR. As a result, you can confidently move and run industry apps under Azure.


Lift & shift both Linux-based apps to Azure is made possible by simultaneously supporting various protocols.

Data security

Snapshot copies and quick dataset cloning are just two advanced data protection features. Get your data easily into and out of Microsoft settings.


The level of integration with Azure allows you to produce, manage, and safeguard your business data smoothly and securely, without the need for storage-centric learning.


Leading certifications enable the transfer of the most demanding applications to Azure, including SAP HANA, GDPR, HIPAA, & FedRAMP.

Pricing that is based on performance

Regular, Premium and Ultra performance tiers are available in Azure NetApp Files and may deploy and alter on-the-fly with a single click. This versatility allows you to select a power tier that corresponds to your workload needs while keeping track of your spending.

Purchase Azure NetApp Files & receive support as part of your existing Azure deal, with no additional fees or terms.

Azure NetApp Files can support any POSIX-compliant application that needs shared file storage. To meet your workload, the service is available in three performance tiers:

  • Static site content, file sharing, and database backups are standard.
  • Premium performance is equivalent to common SSDs, ideal for SAP HANA, databases, business apps, virtual desktop infrastructure, analytics, technical applications, or message queues. For the most performance-intensive applications, such as those listed above, Ultra is recommended.
  • The document assumes that you will be familiar with Azure Stack, network administration, and security. Administration of NetApp storage. For detailed deployment instructions for Linux VMs, consult the distribution documentation.

The following are the steps involved in deploying the solution:

  • Creating a Windows VM on Azure Stack
  • Upon that Azure Stack Windows VM, enable the iSCSI service, then install MPIO.
  • Setting up the NetApp storage emulator (SVM) for iSCSI and configuring it
  • Creating an iSCSI LUN & mapping it to a Windows VM in Azure Stack
  • Configuring MPIO just on Azure Stack Windows VM and creating iSCSI sessions
  • Formatting the LUN system files and installing an iSCSI LUN

This deployment approach uses Azure the Stack portal and the Azure Stack SDK unless otherwise specified.  GUI for the ONTAP System Manager.

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