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What are Cloud Volumes ONTAP from NetApp?

Learn how NetApp’s robust data management platform can assist your hybrid as well as multi-cloud information technology requirements.

The cloud is an integral component of any technology strategy. However, the majority of organizations struggle with cloud data management and control.

Though there is no scarcity of data analysis products available, not all of each other can satisfy the requirements of data-driven businesses. Choosing the proper platform to activate the vast potential of the cloud is no easy task.

NetApp Web Volumes ONTAP (CVO) is a going lead enterprise management platform that can serve as the basis for a unified combination or multi-cloud infrastructure.

Let’s investigate its capabilities to determine if it’s the best fit for your organization.

What is Cloud Volumes ONTAP from NetApp?

Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) is a digital ONTAP example that runs in the cloud and possesses all the feature-rich functionality of an ONTAP storage array deployed on-premises. It provides an effective storage system with continuous availability as well as instant failover capabilities, enabling IT leaders to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Additionally, NetApp CVO enables fast reaction to crucial workloads. You can run traditional and cloud-based services from any location migrate them all over hybrid and multi-cloud surroundings without rewriting your code or processes, and secure data across your entire infrastructure.

The fundamental advantages of NetApp Data center Volumes ONTAP

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NetApp CVO is among the most highly adaptable data management integration options; it is the Swiss Army knife of cloud storage.

Key benefits:

Adaptability and tenacity

Cloud Volumes Due to its cohesive code architecture, ONTAP can provide file and block data storage. FlexCache makes one’s data instantly accessible whenever CVO is deployed, with no waiting period, and you can only pay for the quantity of cache that is utilized.

In addition, CVO offers high-performance, resilient block storage that is centrally managed. It can be produced as native code on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure by connecting NetApp CVO storage space to any cloud applications, databases, and containers. Then, you can access its backup, security, and performance monitoring capabilities.

Simplicity and Economics

The integration of CVO with NetApp Datacenter Manager provides a centralized control plane. It enables the management, monitoring, and automation of data in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Users can also centralize siloed storage systems into a single-pane console, either via the AWS, Azure, and Google clouds, to simplify management.

There are various licensing options available for NetApp CVO to meet your needs:

Capacity-based permitting:

Earn per TiB of ability for all CVO structures in your environment with a maximum of 2 PiB of installed output. This version is open by purchasing a Bring The Own License (BYOL) from WWT.

Keystone Flex Subscribe:

Pay-as-you-grow besides TiB up to 2 PiB total storage capacity. Charging is determined by the committed capacity and could be shared across all CVO deployments in your surroundings. The subscription is available for purchase from WWT.

Pay-as-you-go (PAYGO):

Pay per hour with each CVO base station deployed in one of the three statistical tiers: Start exploring 2 TiB, Basic 10 TiB, or Premium 368 TiB. The tlicensingcing option is available through the cloud service marketplace on a subscription basis.

Freemium providing:

This is the most recently able offer for NetApp CVO, providing all CVO features at no cost for up to 500 GB of stocked potential per CVO workplace. If your potential exceeds 500 GiB, your Freemium licenses will be decided to convert to capacity-based licenses. You will need to purchase a license from WWT.

Security and safeguards

NetApp has obtained SOC 2 reports and complies with multiple data privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. NetApp CVO integrates multiple native ONTAP data recovery features, including SnapShot as well as SnapMirror, to safeguard your data. It integrates with Virtualized Secure, which includes artificial intelligence algorithms that identify ransomware or access anomalies.

In addition, NetApp Cloud Quantities ONTAP incorporates with NetApp SnapVault. It either generates a collection of Single image copies on a FlexVol volume from which data from any point in time can be restored. In addition, it supports native encryption and WORM drives to ensure that data cannot be accidentally deleted, overwritten, or compromised.

Intelligence and optimization

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP is application-driven and can allocate the underlying infrastructure according to the volume and type of requests. Continuously delivering the acceptable storage for each proposal optimizes costs and performance of the workload.

The integration between CVO and the SaaS-based Cloud Deep insight provides data-driven data analysis. It supports real-time surveillance, troubleshooting, and cost management for your worldwide cloud infrastructure. In the meantime, features such as thin provider, compression, deduplication, data compaction, and data tiering reduce waste because you only pay for what you use.

Experience the difference NetApp Cloud Total volume ONTAP makes

Are you unsure whether NetApp CVO is suitable for your organization? We can remove uncertainty from your decision-making process.

WWT provides the technical expertise to assist you in comparing and contrasting CVO with other solutions. The capabilities of our Advanced Tech Center (ATC), which include product performance tests, functionality testing, and product evaluation. It delivers timely, valid results, can help advance your decision-making process.

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